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Investment property in Queensland has shown strong signs of growth as we move into the new property cycle. According to the QBE Lender's Mortgage Insurance (LMI) Housing Outlook 2010-2012 report, property prices in Australia are expected to grow by as much as 23 per cent over the next 3 years, making investment property in Queensland an appealing proposition.

Considering that Queensland is Australia's fastest growing state, investment property in Queensland is positioned well for strong growth. Queensland's population growth will continue at a dramatic rate due to the fact that the state enjoys the nation's strongest interstate migration as well as strong overseas migration. This continued population growth, coupled with a strong economy and appealing lifestyle credentials, will ensure that if you invest in property in Queensland, you will be provided with sold returns in the future.

Investment property in Queensland will perform well with the support of the government who has spent more on Queensland infrastructure than any other state since the 2005-2006 state budget, with the latest 2009-2012 state budget being no exception. Those who invest in Investment property in Queensland will benefit from these injections of funds into infrastructure which will see $18.2 billion invested into the state of Queensland.*

A recent report released by BIS Shrapnel, Building Industry Prospects (February 2010), reveals that in fact Queensland is now the only state in Australia still below the 2007/2008 building approval levels. So what do this mean? Essentially, this makes the investment of property in Queensland even more appealing. With approvals down and the population growth remaining strong there is enormous demand for housing and this places pressure on affordability - making this destination a prime market for investors who will recognise the strong capital growth and rental returns.

Mark Borrill, Joint Managing Director of Which Property states that "The Queensland property market has always performed well in the long term. Even through the global financial crisis investment property in Queensland maintained growth. While not substantial, I believe this is a testament to the strength of our property market."

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*Queensland Government, Infrastructure:, 7th July 2009

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